Do you resent getting up to go into work every day?

Feel like you're not meeting your potential and make silly mistakes that should be avoidable?

Worried your ADHD is impacting you at work but you're afraid to tell your employer?

I'm Dr. Maelisa Hall and what's my gift? Helping people sift through their ideas, complications, stress, and mess-ups to figure out what the heck is really going on... and then create a plan to successfully manage everything! We make things really practical because you need concrete steps to see change quickly

I help you put that plan into action and then adjust along the way. But most importantly, I work alongside you until you're ready to manage things on your own. Long-term. So you can manage any challenges that come up later and the resulting stress. For good.

I love working with clients who need help with:



Overcome the difficulties you experience that are making it difficult to balance work and other responsibilities. Learn how to manage your time and structure your day for success. Figure out whether or not to use accommodations at work, whether or not to share that information with your boss, and how you can do so discreetly.


Support for Managers

Create boundaries that get you promoted. Communicate effectively with your superiors. Reconnect with your team and keep them motivated. Once you love your work again you'll make a greater impact. Let's get you there.

Work Stress

Identify those things that are causing that uneasy feeling during your work day. Figure out what makes you truly light up and will also make your every day work easy. You can be excited to wake up and head to work every day but that requires knowing your strengths, weaknesses and how they fit into corporate culture.


Online Counseling

Get the support you need without dealing with traffic, leaving work early, or managing busy schedules. You'll have the flexibility to attend sessions in person or online. You'll also have access to communicate with me all week via secure messaging.