Time Management. Stress. Doubt.

It's rarely the "big" things that get people fired from a job or burn them out. It's the little things like...

Falling behind in paperwork and other administrative tasks

Making the same mistake over and again

Experiencing overwhelm when others seem able to manage without problems

Having a boss that micromanages and only focuses on errors

Feeling stuck in a job because of good money but little room for promotion or professional growth


These things can cause discouragement over time.

However, there is hope.

You don't have to constantly second guess yourself or feel like you're playing catch up. You can learn strategies to control your environment and enhance your skills. You can learn to maximize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. 

Of course, there are also bigger things that people experience at work. Things like harassment, sexism or gaslighting, which are still all too common in the modern workplace. We can work to address these larger systemic issues one person at a time. That may mean your own personal healing, empowerment and support while making a change, or evaluating your options and creating a plan of action.

Whether it's the big things or little things that are making your work life difficult, we can work together and make a change in your life.

Dr. Maelisa Hall

My name is Maelisa Hall. I'm a licensed psychologist with experience in a variety of work settings. My passion is working with people and helping them learn the best way to accomplish their goals... especially when they feel stuck or lost

I'm a certified specialist in learning disabilities assessment and accommodations, with experience in psychological testing. Because I enjoy thinking outside the box, I love to work with people who need a different way of completing every day tasks. I also enjoy the "assessment" phase, where we dig in to patterns and thoughts and then identify goals to achieve together.

My own experience with Attention-Deficit Disorder has allowed me the opportunity to experience struggle and actually overcome that struggle through adaptation and flexibility. No one is perfect and I still need to adjust things along the way, but I've learned how to do this without giving up easily and without beating myself up mentally each time I go back to the old ways. 

I also have specialties in career assessment and counseling. Basically, if you're questioning why things aren't working in certain settings, don't understand why things seem easy for others but not for you, or if you feel like you excel in some settings but fail in others, I'm here to tell you that you're not an anomaly and I can help.

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